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There’s a first time for everything… June 7, 2009

Filed under: His truth,Namibia — Amanda Lynn @ 5:04 am

There I was, a sophomore in college, focused on what the Spring semester would hold for me. Just a couple days into that semester things started to change. Friends transferred last minute, my dorm was destroyed by a tornado, I moved in with a great family to finish the semester and all the while the Lord was teaching me about surrender. I knew He had been asking me to hold loosely to all things because He was about to upset my life.  I thought I was about through with that upset with the spring of 2008, but really He was just getting started.

For the past 2 years I have felt Him leading me toward serving in Africa but I refused to believe that this would happen any time soon. After continual urging from that still small voice, I knelt in my dorm room and asked the Lord to take my “Yes!” and use it however He saw fit. I applied with African Inland Mission and was accepted for a short term trip to serve for six weeks in Windhoek, Namibia.

I’ll be heading out June 29th to work with an organization called Family of Hope Services in a school for orphaned and vulnerable children called “Family of Hope Services”. This school serves about 450 children age 6-19 who have been orphaned by AIDS or come from vulnerable homes. Here, I’ll serve as a teacher, a counselor and always be working to share the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.





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