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Grow Up (please) April 20, 2012

Filed under: Grad School,Nerdy Thoughts — Amanda Lynn @ 2:45 pm

In conversations I’ve had with classmates this week, maturity has been central. A lot of them speak about age or even experience being the major players in how we, as graduate students, are much more mature than our undergraduate counterparts. And since I’m sooo “mature”, I wanted to give them a big, “Na uh!”.  Instead, I let them talk themselves tired and kept silent until asked for my opinion. This is some of what I said.

Just to confirm that I’m not alone in the opinion that maturity is more than age/experience, Ted Roberts said this about maturity… He wrote, “Maturity is not a vague philosophical concept, but a trained ability to meet the demands of reality.”



  • Choosing not to get a tattoo (because a workplace and/or parents don’t approve) isn’t being a conformist, it’s being mature.  Meeting the demands of reality.
  • Caring what ____ thinks (in order to reconcile a friendship) isn’t weak, it’s mature.
  • Being kind to someone that you don’t care for isn’t hypocritical, it’s mature.
  • Keeping your mouth shut (sometimes) isn’t cowardly, it’s mature.
  • Listening to the advice of wise counsel and preserving your reputation isn’t letting other people control you, it’s mature.

Just saying…


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