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A Personality Pass-it-down? April 24, 2012

Filed under: Grad School,His truth,Nerdy Thoughts — Amanda Lynn @ 8:28 pm

In one of my classes the professor talked about how children learn their coping skills from their parents. I’m trying to work through what is unhealthy coping and what is God-made personality. My mind went to some of my own coping mechanisms. So, if I have children someday, are they really destined to eat cookie dough ice cream when they’re stressed, watch mindless TV when they’re procrastinating, and cry when they’re embarrassed?


If personality is all about heretibility, then will they be emotionally allergic to small talk too? Will crowds drain them? Will they choose to re-charge and process by being alone or will they have no choice because I’m that way? Will they (please no) have those awkward moments when they’ve met their word quota for the day and are deemed “quiet” or “shy” when really they’re just though talking.


One thing is for certain, I was created by a detail-oriented God who makes all things beautiful in their time. I won’t complain about who He makes or how He chooses to design His creations. One thing He gave me is a generous helping of compassion. This is the key to my heart and it has the propensity to hit us introverts especially hard. Meeting people in their most desperate hours is what I’ve been created to do. It’s my sweet spot, and I’m committed to do it well.



In my opinion, I’m in good company. I believe that Mary was a true blue introverted sista. Luke 2:19 “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” We do a lot of pondering before we do a lot of sharing. And it is good! Very good.


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