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“Full Birth” May 6, 2012

Filed under: His truth,Namibia — Amanda Lynn @ 4:24 am

Skimming through old pictures, I find it and it hits me unexpectedly.

Kaita, 4 years old, holding his birth certificate.

Him and his birth certificate, the one that others worked so hard to obtain, the one to validate that he exits. Because, in Namibia, boys like Kaita who are born in the most impoverished areas to parents who abandon them, they don’t have valid birth certificates. The government refuses to give them aid for school or housing. This document offers a better life at just 4 years old. At the top it reads, “Full Birth Certificate”. Full Birth. Really reading these words for the first time creates a sudden, deep-seated longing for them to be true.

I try to wrap my mind around the fact that this beloved child lives his life in a place that is so far beyond my comprehension. And I want to be there so I can see him and hold him and know that he feels secure and safe and protected. I want to be the person who teaches him to write his name, the person who laughs with him when he loses his first tooth. I want to know where the scars came from that he can’t remember the stories about, and I want to be the person who wipes away his tears when he falls.

But I know that is not how God intended it.

He did not choose me for those moments.

He chose for me to see, for just a short time, the work He is doing in a Namibian child’s life.

I believe that our Abba Father chose to show His love for the both of us through those short moments. I do not pretend to know why He chose to do things this way {Isaiah 55:9}, but I do know that He who did not spare His own Son will also graciously give us all the things we need {Romans 8:32}, and I cling to believing this was for our good.

I believe that, though I can’t, He holds him. I believe that He stands beside him in the line for the porridge that the volunteers pass out. And I believe that He has clasped that little hand in His own mighty hand. And that He will make the long journey with him, all the way from childhood to adulthood without a momma. And I believe that he leans his head into His Father’s shoulder as he falls asleep on a dirt floor to the sound of dogs barking in the “informal settlement” where he lives. I believe that this Father carried me all the way there to meet him and I believe that His mighty hand is on that little life always.

Maybe, just maybe, any missing pieces or missing moments are only meant for me to trust Him more. Trust that He will bring “Full Birth” to this little one, even with no parents to speak of.

So, I look at this photo and whisper prayers over him. And when I look at his little face, I see His, the only One who brings Full Birth. I am thankful that He DID choose me for those moments, to see and remember.

He is a good Father. I can trust in that.


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