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Here and Now May 6, 2012

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~ The Lord provides contentment through showing me purpose.~

God, where is Africa?

Where a baby heaves its last in a dirt-floored hut under hot sun, flies buzzing over open lips?

How can this be Africa?

Here, where I waste so much, my washing machine spinning, my never knowing real hunger?

 This surely isn’t Africa.

Me with shoes on my feet and four vehicles sitting in my driveway.

Here, in the land of greed, indifference and material gluttony until we groan in belly-ache, backs bent with debt.

Here, where I am an accomplice until I cry for crimes I commit each time I buy whilst a baby dies.


God, I want Africa.

The dying one, the poor one, the one with red soil caked hard under foot and empty, dry sky rolled out over-head, the one that ” NEEDS” me and makes me feel needed.

God, I want the Africa that I can save.


But You ALONE are Savior!

You alone choose where You put my hands and feet and what starving souls You’d have me feed today.

The only map that You carry is the landscape of a heart.

It’s You who have me here where souls wither in spiritual drought.

Here, in my own nation. Mine, oh mine?

Here, where it’s hidden and it’s hard.

No one sees the serving of the satisfied, the loving of the narcissist or the making of peace with the arrogant and razor-tongued.

It isn’t romantic,

but You ask me to fall in love with You and these people and this place called home.

It isn’t romantic,

but You ask me to be faithful.

It isn’t romantic because real, lasting love is more than that.

God, I’m the one in need of a Savior.

I’m the narcissist wanting to save.

I’m hungriest of all and don’t even know it.

I’m the one with poverty of the worst soul-kind in my own nation.

This is a developing country here and now (that I have seen & understood) I am responsible.

Make me. Lord, make me.

God, I want Africa.

You hear…but,

here counts, because You are here.

So, for now, this is my Africa.


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  1. Amanda Lynn Says:

    Reblogged this on So you can come along and commented:

    One year later and this still applies…Oh, the Lord is gracious in His patience with my discontented heart.

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