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Friends are… June 16, 2012

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I won’t lie. I’m an introvert in the most classic sense of the word. I consider most people I interact with, even on a daily basis, acquaintances. My list of “close friends” and “friends” are the same. I’m slow to warm up to people, but once you’re in…you’re in for life (kind of the like in The God Father, only positive)

That said, you’ll know that the two ladies I’m about to talk about are high on my list. Lifers. These two are, you guessed it, college roommates. The un-cliché thing is that we only lived together for a year and half. It’s been up to us to keep the memories alive with frequent visits. They make an effort. I like that.



Here’s taking a look at a few highlights that might only be funny/hold meaning for the three of us. Maybe this should have been a mushy email to them, but then it wouldn’t feel like I was bragging on them.

This is a brag for….



That one time when Hunner and Jenny drove from Panama City Beach to St. Louis and back to Jackson, Tennessee in two days to come and get me.



That one time Jen drove her Jeep to Union and we rode around at night blaring, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.



That one time that the two of them snuck baby turtles from the beach into a no-pets dorm at Union. (Turtles named Jack and Daniels, no less.)



That one time that Jen got married and we got to be beside her.

April, Hunner, Jen, Me, Katy and Ashley



That time they surprised me by BOTH being at Passion 2008. And then surprised me again Labor Day weekend with a plane ticket to Atlanta. Surprise! I have amazing friends!



That one time (well, maybe more than once) that Jen made sure I got to our 8am World Civilization class so that I didn’t fail for lack of attendance.



That one time Hunner scaled a pink Elephant.



That one time that Jen and I got stuck in a hallway with hundreds of Piper-ites at Passion 2010. And, consequently, almost died of claustrophobia. “I love Jesus, yes I do. I love Jesus. How ‘bout you?!”…..(There. Were. Tears.)



That one time that Hunner got us a sweet condo on the beach because she has friends of all kinds all over. (She is NOT an introvert).



That one time that we played in a massive mud puddle as freshman.



That one time we went through roommate issues with a closet food-stealer/emotional-vacuum. And we survived because we had each other.



That one time that we went with Jenny to get her belly button pierced and then, 6 years later, her nose. We enjoy the moments when she embraces her inner wild-child.



That one time when the three of us met and hung out with Channing Tatum.

(Just kidding. That never happened. Just seeing if you’re with me.)



That one time Hunner and I thought that we had enough hipster in us to sit on the front row of a Gungor concert.

Then, the guy next to us got “slain in the spirit” and we…didn’t.



That one time that I was in sorority for a hot minute freshman year and they came to a Kappa Delta party with me. Not impressed?

The theme was “Gothic” and photos were taken. Yep, that’s right.



That one time we moved into our freshman dorm to find it was infested with bugs.

(Also the year that our A.C. was home to a wasp nest and the Ghostbusters-esc exterminator called “Mable” for back up.)



That time we made Jen walk through an insect house full of things that could land on her.

So, turns out, immersion is not a cure for phobias, FYI.



That time they prayed for our sitter in Africa to be healed and she was.

Then, there was that time that we got to praise the God who heals together!



That one time I punched a maintenance man because I thought he was Hunner.

(That makes more sense than it sounds like it does initially. Promise.)



And for all the times that they showed me what it means to give without expecting a return, to love the Lord more than themselves, and for the times they encouraged me to go on and say what my heart wanted without hesitation…I LOVE them. These two girls were brought into my life because we were “left overs” after they matched all the freshman girls up. The sovereign Lord brought the three of us into each other’s lives and, in doing so, He has grown us closer to Himself. So, for all of that and for all the “one time”s, I know this friendship is a gift to hang on to. (Oh, and they’re really awesome gift-givers!)

*Annd que Michael W. Smith*


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