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The List November 25, 2012

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I’m a list maker.

Since probably 2nd or 3rd grade when “jump on the trampoline with Adam” was on the list.

Now a’ days it’s things like “finish project proposal” or “get an oil change”.

Every year on my birthday and at the start of a new year I make a list of goals.

I love lists. I love scratching things off. I love getting it all down on paper so that my head doesn’t pop off. I love categorizing things on the list with astrics for the reeeeally important things.

All of that to say, I’ve had a running list for life. Things I MUST do before Heaven.

1. Adopt a child

2. Sky dive

3. Parasail (check)

4. Get a PhD

5. Go to India (check)

6. Go to Africa (check)

7. Go to Italy

8. Go to Ireland and sing at Pub

9.  Write a book

10. Go whitewater rafting (check)

11. Create scrapbook of Grandma and Grandpa Lynn’s lives

12. Record Grandma and Grandpa Keel’s memories/stories

13. Go on a Gondala ride

14. Fill all the pages in my passport

15. Take a photography class

16. Go out of my “context” at least one a year

17. Read one book per month

18. Read all the books I currently own before buying more

19. Go on a Daniel fast

20. Donate my hair (check) Again _____

21. Take mom to the beach, just us

22. Work at an orphange (check) Again ____

23. Work for a safe house

24. Go on a rescue

25. Get my LPC

26. Drink only water for one week

27. Learn to crochet (check)

28. Visit every state in the US

29. Sponsor a child consistently

30. Take a trip with my husband to where mine and his parents and grandparents met.

31. Rock my baby in the rocking chair that’s rocked my grandmother, mom and I.

32. Write out 1,000 gifts that I’m thankful for

33. Re-read journals from high school

34. Visit Tennnessee family once every 6 months

35. Buy a home

36. Save for the “travel” fund monthly

37. Keep up “Norton” letters

38. Ride in a hot air ballooon

39.  Experience emotion with God, not apart from Him



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