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Don’t Live to End Human Trafficking February 11, 2013

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That’s right. Please, do not live your life to fight human trafficking.

“But Amanda Lynn!? You’re that girl who…..that’s all you ever talk about.”

I hear you. And you’re right. I’m all about some social justice.

But that’s not all I’m about.



Social justice is very much a hipster-approved activity.

I like that. It’s happening and I’m happy.

But the thing is, especially after Passion/the launch of End It Movement, people ages 18-25 want to “give their lives to set slaves free”.

That’s risky in so many ways.

Because the whole concept of being “set free” is much bigger than being free from forced labor.




Allahabad, India


Allahabad, India



Setting people free is not what I’m in the business of doing.

The call in Matthew 28 is not to “go into all the world and release captives from human trafficking”.

The call is to make disciples of Jesus.



Living sacrificially is part of who we are as Christ followers, but our identity being “the one who gives to set others free” is heretical.

Jesus is the Savior. He is the freedom-setter and the life-giver.

By all means, lets set up our lives to model his life and give sacrificially for the benefit of others, but we can only model freedom when we model Jesus. Our lives are to reflect his life for the purpose of glorifying His name.



My family and sweet friends remind me so often that I do not live as one who sets captives free, I live as a former captive who knows Freedom by Name.

Sacrifice, hard work and freedom-seeking are good things, but they are not my identity.

He is.


My internship (at exposes me to the needs of the exploited, but my job is not to be their freedom. My internship calls me to see that they have choices, that they have respect and dignity and the tools to succeed. But If I come at those duties as hallmarks of my value as a person, if my identity becomes all about being a “freedom fighter” then I’ve stopped living in my true identity. If I do that, then I am living as a hypocrite, as one who has to try hard to attain a freedom she already possesses.



I hate thinking that as I sit here writing, in my warm house, full of love…that young women in my city are being sexually exploited for profit.

I hate it.


And yet, I’m still free. I can live a life showing others the impact of what true freedom looks like.

I lose the liberties graciously given to me by Jesus when I live life like I’m still a captive.

My freedom means that I have access to an infinite storehouse of supply.

My freedom means that I have been given a new name and a new heart…all things in me have been made new.

My freedom is living proof that my God is able to save.

My freedom means that I can cast all of my cares on Him.

In my freedom, I can live my life as a reflection of the redemptive work of Jesus. That means laughing when things are funny, finding ways to discover beauty, abiding in my Abba Father’s love,  listening to pretty music, and meeting with fellow freed captives to celebrate our freedom together.



So yes, lets join in the fight for freedom and lets care for the oppressed, but let’s not “give our lives” for it.

Someone already did that.

And it is that type of “freedom-setting” which ushers in the Kingdom.



We give our lives for Him and trust that that is the greatest work of all. He is the only One worth giving our lives up for.

He, in and through us, will be their hope, their advocate, their justice, and their freedom.

As we hear their cries for freedom, let’s not forget where our freedom is found.



We work toward freedom from freedom as more than conquerors {Romans 8:37}.

And as we fight for others (in all kinds of  beautiful ways only God can pull off) we’ll keep coming back to our freedom too.

He is our only hope. {Romans 8:24-25}

And friends, Hope does not disappoint.


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