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Fear & Pride :: BFFs April 11, 2013

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The alarm goes off and there it is. It’s there with all it’s weight until it flees at the first breath of prayer.

There it is again just when we think we’ve run it off…

See friends, it’s sneaky like that, “crafty” some might say.

The word of Truth sends it on it’s way only to see it crop up again as evening comes and old thoughts surface. Its grip is tight, its “reality” bleak and unforgiving, its steal, to kill, and to destroy.

What is this terrible thing?


This is for any of you who struggle to put fear in its place.

You wanna hear what the good news is, if you’re in Christ?

You’ve already won this fight!

Be strong and of good courage, all you that hope in the LORD, and He shall strengthen your heart.

:: Psalm 31:24 ::


In my heart’s experience, fear doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere.

No ma’am. No sir.

What happens, oftentimes, is that I slowly begin to take my eyes off of Jesus and focus on what I can do to help myself, or I focus on the problem itself. I start thinking, foolishly, that I shouldn’t bother God with “minor” things that I can handle on my own. Those minor things inevitably become bigger and weren’t for me to handle on my own in the first place. The theme of this little song and dance is PRIDE; it’s me believing that I can handle it without depending on Him. It’s me trusting in myself, my skills, my knowledge, my strength. In doing this, I throw out and give up all that is mine already though the sacrificial atonement of Christ. {Colossians 1:27}

BUT … there is grace. This is what Jesus Christ came to do. The perfect Image became the perfect Image Bearer to restore what we have lost, to redeem what we have sold away–the bits of our new selves that we have prostituted off to smaller gods. The perfect Image became the perfect Image Bearer so that we could finally be what we were meant to be, so that we could finally be like Him.

Which brings me to the latest fear source…this upcoming event…the one the Lord put in my heart in 2011. An event which shines a light on slavery in my home town, among my people, where awareness is spread and support is gained as people of all kinds come together in a united fight for freedom. I’m not so much afraid of the event itself, but that I’ll fail somehow (especially on speaking in front of others…yikes!). That fear is based on what? My pride. I fear my own inadequacy when really I should be boasting in it!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

:: 2 Corinthians 12:9 ::


One of the questions I’ve been asked surrounding this event is, “How do you want this to influence the young women in the church who look on or attend?”

More than anything, I want women, I want daughters and mothers and sisters (I want myself) to understand that the point of it all—the answer to the question “Who am I? Or what am I for?”—is not found simply in being a woman. The core sense of who we are comes, not in managing all things well, or in our domesticity or our careers, not in our relationships or in motherhood, not even in our brokenness or our fears, but from the nature of God.

All those details of life; the family, the career, the sinful brokenness, the talents…none of that is minimized. Not at all! If anything, those things are made grander by dwelling in/abiding in the root of our identity. Resting in and satisfying ourselves with the truth of who we are in Christ can only cause all of life’s activity to generate glory for God. (Not to mention that resting in that identity drives fear back to where it came from!) 🙂

In the end of it all, I want all of life–all the domesticity, all the arts, all the beauty, all the love and relationships, all the philosophy and theology—to flow from this Truth:

We were made to reflect and represent God on this earth.

We were made for the glory of Another.

The fear doesn’t instantly disappear upon the initial understanding of this truth. I wish!

No, it is a daily surrender of what pride tells us in exchange for what the Truth is.  And the glory there is that even this exchange of lies for truth serves to remind us that the whole point of living is living in dependence on Him, of following Him one faltering step, one triumph over fear at a time.

So whoever you are reading this now, pray for me. And I’ll pray for you as you read this, to believe the Truth today over the lie that “you’ve got this”. You don’t. I don’t.

And this is good! Because it means that He gets to hold it all and that He gets the glory. No need to over-involve our hearts, minds or efforts to control or manage the situation that only breeds fear. No need! What glorious freedom to be able to rest in that?!

So the fear might come tomorrow again, but just as quickly as I become afraid, His Spirit whispers, “Don’t fear; I have made you for this. I will give you the words that you need. For this moment, for this time, this is the way, walk in it. This is how you’ll reflect me. My daughter, this is what it means to live in My image.” {Esther 4:14} , {Is 30:21} , {2 Cor 3:18}


2 Responses to “Fear & Pride :: BFFs”

  1. Gayle Says:

    WOW! Same conclusion I was drawn to yesterday! Did you catch the part in KQ Easter message about letting go of the Hulk Hands (as in the Incredible Hulk)? Great visual!! Praying Col3:2

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