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Broken Records May 4, 2013

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This is me re-saying what I’ve said…maybe twice.

Feminism, in and of itself and in its truest definition, is not a bad thing.

Yes, there is a stigma tied to this word. Absolutely.

There are awful social movements made in the name of “feminism”.

We see the movement in the sixties (and into today) toward sexual promiscuity, unabashed nudity, sexuality used in manipulation, pro-choice campaigns and worst of all…the outright hatred or degradation of men. None of these things provide more freedom or equality for women.

There is no freedom found in these things because freedom is found in living out our role as bearers of God’s image with unique attributes that He loves and has designed for His glory.

BUT….let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.



The “feminism” that’s not to be discarded is the one that’s not out to degrade men or to lower their status, it rather upholds men in their Biblical positions through promoting womankind in her role as a fellow image-bearer with Christlike submission and meekness. For submission affords us ladies an extra opportunity for the grace of God to work in us as our natural proclivity is not to trust our welfare to another.

With all the terrible actions taken in the name of “women’s rights”, we could, under the same logic with which we throw out feminism, attach stigma to the label “Christian”.

We see terrible social movements made in this blessed name.

The Crusades…

The Inquisition…

The actions of groups like Westborro “Baptist” Church…

Do we then, forsake the label of “Christian”?

Heavens no! We are unashamed to be Christ followers regardless of those who tarnish this title given to members of the early Church.

(Disclaimer time: “Feminist” is not equal to the title or privilege of “Christian” in my book. We good? Great!)  🙂


While in this line of thought, I have one question…

Where would I be without the feminist movement at large?



I would not be voicing my opinions in a political sense….for I would have no vote. My country would be led solely by the votes of males.

Praise God for the men who voted in favor of the 19th amendment!




I can’t even think of where the women I work to serve would be. These young girls who have been sexually trafficked are involved in legal proceedings to persecute their traffickers. What use would their testimony be in a court that did not recognize the witness of a woman without the support of a man?



And I’m living in the benefits of the women who supported equal rights of women in regards to education. This is one of the nearest and dearest parts of the feminist movement in my eyes. Women who forged the way in this country as far back as the 1800’s made it possible for me to be in graduate school right now.

1851: Tennessee and Alabama Female Institute was the first women’s college to grant college degrees

to women that were the equivalent of those given to men.


This photo is brought to you by…Feminism.

This is close to my heart for many reasons. One of those being…it has been in and through academia that I have grown in my faith. Being surrounded by a subculture that dismisses the Bible or any organized faith, I have only been driven deeper into the arms of my Father in His unsearchable Truth. God intends for men AND women to love Him with all of their minds {Mark 12:30}. Isn’t it wonderful that men and women alike can both excel in post-secondary education? Thank you, to the feminists of that day and age!



While many detrimental things have happened to women in the name of “equality and feminism”, many great advancements have been made that make this earth a little bit more like the Kingdom.

Where would the world be without any of the outcomes of the early feminist movement?



So then, you who say feminism has done nothing beneficial for women…

I invite you to spend a day with me in which you’ll meet face to face, eye to eye with girls who have been treated as if they have no rights, no worth. After looking into their shame-filled eyes, will you tell them that feminism, in its truest sense – being the endorsement and elevation of women to their God-given status as an image bearer – has no place in their precious lives?



That said, if I’m honest with myself, I realize the feminist conversation doesn’t always feel productive. Despite the massive gains made, thanks to our foremothers and forefathers who ran with support, we’ve barely dented the veneer of distorted sexuality and gender expression on our culture. And it’s the most heinous inequality that remains, the sin that is coded into our words and behavior, that fuels rape culture, and the sex trafficking pandemic, gendercide, and the mainstream “pornification” of sexuality.

Since the second wave of the feminist movement, things have turned downhill in this regard. The pressure is mounting more than ever for women to starve and despise their bodies in an effort to achieve a false, fantasized ideal. There is much work to be done, which is why I am concerned that women who are on the side of elevating ladies to the place scripture designed for us are too preoccupied with making our brand of churchy feminism more palatable. Perhaps that energy could be better spent forging partnerships with those who have not heard and really understood the Gospel of grace, whether they feel inclined to work toward gender complementarity in the Church or not.



For the sake of saving conversation (not being labeled a heretic) and keeping the stigma, which is meant for sin, away from the movement toward women’s rights…I’ll call “Feminism” by another name.

Let’s call it…“joint heir-ship in a Kingdom where the King of the Kingdom shows no partiality among His children.{Romans 8:17}

(It’s a little long for label, but I like it so much better!)

Ultimately, we know any label that trumps our true identity – who we are in Christ – is an idol.

For that reason, this girl will not be mentioning her “feminist agenda” much at all anymore.

I will boast in Christ and in His Gospel of grace, which is the great equalizer. The Gospel changes hearts to seek higher ways. In the Kingdom we will have equal access before the throne. “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


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