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Some Lists July 21, 2013

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I love lists.

We’re talking, I make a list of things “to do” every day. Every day since I was 8, I’ve made a list.

Things like “make bed” and “watch Arthur” have become things like “case notes” and “oil change” but they’re on a list nonetheless.

So when I started reading Ann Voskamp’s beautiful words over at “A Holy Experience” back in 2010, I jumped right on board to writing out my gifts.

It was easy at first and then, some days, it’s really hard to find things to count as blessings.

Tonight, as I work on writing case notes, I was thinking about my clients and all the things they’ve experienced, why them and not me? Who’s to say I deserve all the good things I’ve been given? Grace. It’s all grace.


This is my (short) list of things I’ve done nothing to deserve…


-Parents (two, both who love the Lord, each other and me)

-A bed, food, shelter and clothes

-A foundation of security

-Friends who are more like sisters

-Graduate school

-A car

-Growing up being told I’m capable of anything I set my mind to

-The sound of crickets and frogs outside my bedroom window

-Faith, hope and eternal salvation

-The love of the only God, my Father

-Being surrounded by a wealth of wisdom in mentors

-No experiences that cause nightmares or flashbacks

-A local Body that stands on the Word unashamadly


And a (short list of) what “NOT To Do”

I won’t…

-Feel guilty for blessings

-Be selfish in my blessings

-Regret the times when I have to say “No”

-Allow the Enemy to speak shame over me

-Be overcome by the darkness

-Worry about what I don’t have

-Fear the future

-Try to do it all and do it all by myself

-Be perfect

-Believe that I am too ______ or not ________ enough

-Tell myself my emotions are silly

-Let emotions define or direct me

-Believe that I am less or more than He says I am



See, I love lists!




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