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A prayer for Syria September 6, 2013

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War and violence have never torn through a place without leaving behind the orphaned and widowed. But you, oh God, call yourself Father and healer and protector. I imagine you with sorrow-filled eyes as you see your children in Syria hurting. 
This is a cry to Abba Father God, that your heartbreak will be felt in a way that moves the powerful to act selflessly, lovingly and rightfully. That peace might pour down in a place so ravaged and without rest.
God of all nations, breathe new life into Syria. Bring along helpers and protectors to the widows and the orphans. 
Fill the surrounding world with mindfulness, that we will not forget to pray and that we will not forget to stand for life and truth and charity and hope. 
God. Abba. Father. We ask for relief for Syria and hope for us all.
:: Sarah Richardson & She Loves Magazine ::

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