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On Boomerangs, Shoes & Being Present September 10, 2013

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My name is Amanda and I am a “boomerang kid”.


Yep, there’s a name for people like me.

College graduates, 85% of them since 2010 (thank you Mr. Recession) have moved back in with Mom and Dad.

So go on, you graduates of the early 2000’s, judge us.



But this is it, I’m moving out.

Leaving the nest.

(And not for college, for real this time)

My parents are both simultaneously psyched and depressed. They’ve made it clear they have mixed feelings about my moving 25 minutes away(!).  One day it’s, “Let’s get your things together from your old apartment.” and the next it’s, “Ya know Mandy, if doesn’t work out…your room here will always be YOUR room.”


Then there’s me with my own set of swinging emotions.

See, I’m really excited to get into my apartment with one of the sweetest future-roommates a girl could ask for. But then, I’m thoroughly convinced that I live in one of the most beautiful places with the best people EVER. And I’m not alone in this. Just ask Larry the UPS guy…. He stops a little longer at our front door to turn around and look over the valley. “This is really pretty!”

Yes, yes it is my brown-shorted friend.




So, there’s that.



And there’s the fact that the roof outside my bedroom window is where I connect with Jesus the most and the quickest. Milestone after milestone has been talked through with Him on that ledge under starry skies. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to fit that onto the Uhaul.

That said, there are some things I will take that don’t belong in the “toss pile”, the “donation pile” or even the “maybe-I’ll-come-back-for-it-later pile“…



I’ll be taking a deep-rooted love for bluegrass and southern gospel that was fostered by many a Saturday evening tuned into RFDTV with Dad. Gaither Homecomings and Porter Wagner reruns are staples in the Lynn house.

I’ll be taking memories tied so securely to the smell of banana bread baking that I will never in my life be able to smell that deliciousness without hearing my mom humming in the kitchen.

A sense of right and wrong and grace will be packed into the moving truck for sure, along with some respect, a little bit of mom’s kindness and hopefully a bunch of dad’s patience. I think I’ll even take a couple of the weird idioms of Dad’s straight out of  Southeast Missouri like, “I’ll dance at your wedding in a hog trough” and “You can fight that skunk and win, but you’ll both stink in the end”. (What!?)

I know I’ll be taking the assurance of a faithful provider God who has shown Himself to be true to the Lynn family over and over.

I”ll be taking some extreme skills in the Jenga, Pictionary and MadGab department because…monthly family game nights 25 years and counting.

And this name of mine, Amanda Elizabeth Lynn…I guess I’m taking all that stuff with me too.

What stuff you ask?…

Mom and Dad joke about how they named me with such intentionality that, of course, I’m their most determined child. Whether I’m right or wrong, I stick to my opinions stubbornly and quietly (a catch 22 fo’ sho).

Amanda: “Worthy of Love”. They say there is no way they could have known how much I’d need convincing of that fact every day, but they’re glad it worked out.

Elizabeth: “Consecrated to God” (and the name I share with Mom). This one they did have foresight in. They wanted to give my life to Him from the start.

And Lynn: “By the Lake”…

Yep, no real mushy significance there, but I do know that name puts me in a long line of women who sought higher ways. That was the name on my great-great grandmother’s college diploma. One of the first women west of the Mississippi to receive a bachelors degree, she credited God and His strength for her academic success. And my grandmother, a mother to 9, had a love for Jesus, for people and for His word that inspires me to grow into the Lynn name. Whew…big shoes to fill.



For a long while after deciding to move out, I was spending my time counting down the days left at home. I’m not super great at the whole change thing. So I was waiting for the impending CHANGE headed my way. Silly, right?

The phrase “waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know where that comes from? Back when lots of European immigrants were coming to the U.S. and living in tenant housing where they could hear every move their neighbors made, they’d hear their upstairs neighbor take off one shoe, then everyone would stop, wait and maybe even cringe a little until the second shoe dropped.

This is was me for several months.

So now, as I’m well into the last month before the move, I’m focused on being present.

From circling up in prayer around the dinner table, to looking at faces of family over the light of birthday candles…I know that this is what love looks like. I’ll still take those “snapshot memories” (Hey there, Ellen Bender), but I’ll be there, fully there, for those moments too. And He’s teaching me to not hold so tightly that I am scared to let go and let “all things new” in.

I’ll be there, not waiting, not cringing, not being still or silent until I feel comfortable.

No, I know and am known by the God who is present. {Gen 1:2, Matt 1:23, Matt 28, Rev 22}.

So as His image-bearer, that’s what I’ll be, present.


Rejoice always, 

pray without ceasing, 

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

:: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ::


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