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As A Father I Have Learned March 1, 2014

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the beautiful due

We were taught that if God made us
strong then weakness is a blasphemy.
All I can say is that’ll carry you for a
decade, maybe, if you’re lucky, then
you’ll be tempted to lose character.
For example, you’ll start eating donuts
with a fork or folding your boxer shorts.
If you hope to make it as a father you’d
best learn to stand alone in the yard
at night and allow your human failings
of the day to be absorbed by the stars.
I say this not in theory but as practitioner.
No one taught me this. I stumbled upon
the discipline in a used book about myths.
No matter how much you want to take
the pain away from those closest to you
the vital truth is that you can’t. This will
almost always feel like trespass. But you’ve
done nothing wrong except to love someone.

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