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A love letter April 26, 2014

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When I asked my good friend Adam, who happens to be my little brother, what I should write about…

“One last post before graduation…what’ll it be? “ he said, “Love. You’re pretty good at loving stuff.”

So here it goes, an open love letter to this season of my life. This season in which I’m bursting at the seams and shrinking under the weight of constant change simultaneously.

It’s a good time….mostly.


Dear Little White House in-the-middle-of-nowhere: I see you and your gravel lane full of skeptical neighbors and DIY fences falling down. I see you with all of your charm and big empty bedrooms begging for people to take shelter in your hominess. I love your atmosphere of invitation and welcome. I love your refuge and your hopeful feel of restoration in progress.


Dear long, long, long….long drive: I know we didn’t get along at first, but I’ve grown to love you and the familiarity of your twists and turns. You are my space to pray, to unwind and to connect with the ones I love. You’re not so bad after all.


Dear gas tank: I promise to not exhaust you so much whenever I’m able to slow it down a bit. Soon…maybe….hopefully?




Dear family and friends: You are more loved by me in this season of change, unsteadiness and stretching than ever before. Thank you for putting up with me!



Dear tiny apartment on Sunshine: Could you be any more perfect?! I love that I officially know your “home smell” now after 8  months. I love that you are familiar and cozy and full of chai tea and my books and one of the best roomies around. That’s about all I could ask for.




Dear St. Louis: Thanks for always having new and old things for me to discover when I’m lost. Thanks for being full of odd and beautiful people. Thanks for embracing diversity. I love that I think that I know you, but then you show me something else to love about you. You are the best.







Dear Bradford Pear Trees: You and I both know that you are, hands down, the best thing about early Spring, even though you reek to high heavens, you’re awful pretty when you’re all together in a line.



Dear Graduation Day: I love that you’re out in front of me, just waiting for me. I love that you mean I get to wear a light blue hood and goofy looking sleeves! I am sooo looking forward to spending you with my family. (PS If you want to throw in an envelope containing a letter saying I passed my boards, I wouldn’t hate it.)




Dear Grants Trail: I’m so glad you’re open again. All your miles will be ridden again this season with lots of brother/sister joking and competing to be had. Thanks for the endorphin bonding! You’re a champ.


Which brings me to…


Dear Spring: Yeah, I couldn’t not mention you. Thanks for showing up. You hold soooo much good and so much change. You’ve got these big ol’ exams that determine the future, you’ve got graduation (whaaaa?!) and you’ve got the opening of this home! You had us all a bit worried there a couple times, but you are here and you are “aggressive” (according to melodramatic meteorologists) and even when you send me into EpiPen-worthy sneeze fests that threaten my life during rush hour….I’ll still love you.






And finally….


Dear Easter Sunday: Really you’re my favorite part of Spring (at the risk of sounding like a super Christian). Thank you for your hope, your remembrance of sacrifice, your sitting-all-together-as-a-family Sunday mornings. I love all that you represent and all that you celebrate. I love that every year you allow us to set aside a time to tell our hearts, “It is finished. He is alive and coming back for you!” I LOVE that!



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