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Trafficking Sentences July 5, 2015

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I’m a words person. I love the Word and the words. I love when there is a string of words like a string of pearls that fit together beautifully and you know there has to be a life story behind that string.
So when it comes to human trafficking questions like “How do we stop it?” I see trafficking as a sentence.
Isn’t that what we want? A sentence to come down on all those oppressors and perpetrators and violators of innocence?
There it is trafficking, oppression, injustice…one big, long, ugly run-on sentence. Every sentence has a start, a beginning. Which brings us to…
“In the beginning..
And then just as suddenly as it started, the sentence takes form. “and by one man, sin entered”  
There it is – slavery. The sentence goes forth and 27 million feel its weight in their chains. And how many of these 27 million are included in the 4 billion who are held in eternal slavery. Souls walking around carrying the weight of the world in their hearts.
This is a death sentence.
Then, with our efforts, our good, honorable efforts to end trafficking and right injustice, here we come to punctuate this movement of sin and slavery. The thing is, our best efforts are just commas in the sentence….pauses….a gasping breath here and there.
We open safe homes and start justice movements.
And yet, flesh-colored light glows from pixellated-lust that seduces the eye and soul of a childman.
We fund a rescue mission.
And yet, trafficking of persons is the fastest growing crime the world over.
We speak about the issue in mournful tones of concern for all of “them” (because “they” is easier to palate than “us” and “ours”)
And yet, the light in a girl’s eyes goes out in South Africa, in India, in St. Louis…in your church.
We pledge to give monthly to a safe home.
Yes to compassion and yes to putting our money where our mouth is and yes to caring for the wounded.
Yet, no. I’m sorry to tell you this is not putting an end to the sentence called trafficking.
You can’t end a sentence with a comma.
These commas do serve a good purpose. These pauses and breathes leave room for real change. Look!
“BUT comma God! rich in mercy with the great love for which he loved us”
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to end the sentence of trafficking.
There it is with its big, bold exclamation point. It is finished!
Then, as one sentence ends another begins. And this new sentence starts with…
“Behold! Look, I am doing a new thing!”
These, for me, are the words around trafficking. We have to put words to things to come around them.
And we don’t need to just have words about trafficking in stadiums full of college students where “experts” share.
These words are for kitchen tables and coffee tables and long car rides.
The WORD is the only thing to put a new sentence on trafficking and by the word of His mouth He’ll destroy the one behind it all. The enemy of all our souls will be defeated and given an eternal sentence.

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