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On Brunch and a Decade February 15, 2016

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***Disclaimer: This is full of nostalgia and mostly for my sentimental heart. Read only if you’re not bothered by such things. ***


The flight time is a bit longer and the direction is northwest rather than southeast, but the anticipation is the same.

That anticipation of coming home is not to a place, but to people. Ten years ago, we made a home-away-from-home out of a too tiny quaint, outdated vintage, and smelly rustic dorm room in Jackson, Tennessee (U U!). What made it home certainly wasn’t our supreme decorating skills or the fact we were there often (We weren’t). What made it a second home was in that place, we were known and loved. In the years between 2006 and now, that sense of home has been found in a lot of different places and spaces.


Most recently, it was found in the pacific northwest, specifically in Portland. Hunner took a job there over summer. Of course, we planned a visit. Promise brunch, and we will come.




The clouds cleared and Mt Hood showed itself the day I got on a plane headed to St. Louis.


Lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote (Just ask Jenny about those if you have an hour.)


Once there, we quickly and easily fall into the rhythms that come with a decade of investment. In these rhythms there is courage-giving and laughter that could substitute for crunches (or we’ll say it does). There is is a knowing of when to ask questions and when to just listen. There is a respecting of strengths and challenging of perspectives. There are many books, donuts, lots and lots of tea, and a brunch every day. On this trip, some bucket list items were collectively checked off our lists. The thing about those isn’t even so much about the experience as much as it is about who we experience them with.


In honor of it being our 10th year of road tripping together, it’s high time for a trip down memory lane.

These trips are intentional and we like to plan them months in advance to count down to. We have been known, though, to throw trips together in a matter of days if we need to. Here are a few we managed to document (None of us are so great at that part).





October 2006 Missouri (Fall break at my parents’)






August 2008 Georgia (Someone’s engaged!)





June 2009 Georgia (Same someone  got married!)



There were several trips to Atlanta in those years where we spent the first part of the year together at the Passion Conference and some summer trips to visit for long weekends. And between those our time was punctuated with the type of calls you schedule. I can’t remember of life decision that they didn’t pray for and weigh out pros and cons with me on. It’s second nature, really.




May 2012 Missouri






January 2013 Georgia (Dome that is, for our last Passion Conference)





December 2013 North Carolina (We ❤ these cabins by the river.)






December 2014 Alabama (Our 3rd trip in 72 hours to Steal City Pops)



Although it’s cliche, it is so hard to believe it has been ten years.



October 2006 Missouri





January 2016 Oregon



Friendships likes these are no small gift. The Lord resides in and moves through these women and I am grateful to call them two prominent members of my board of directors. Here is to ten more years of brunch!


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  1. Rebecca Says:

    this. is. THE SWEETEST! Make me want to cry!

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