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(un)Happy Graduation Day! March 31, 2016

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Do you know a high school senior who is ready to graduate?
So many things are on their minds as the date gets closer.
Here are a few anxiety-causing statements for them that you might not realize.
They’re hearing these often lately.
1. “What do you plan to do with your life?”
Most are struggling to figure out the present, much less the next 50-60 years. The future is looking both exciting and terrifying for them with all the unknowns.
2. “Welcome to the real world. Are you ready?”
Their world is the real world. What they hear, is that their lives so far have been easy.
3. “Just you wait….”
This impending statement is rarely followed with anything encouraging.
Instead, celebrate how much they’ve accomplished. Let them be excited to explore life as a graduate rather than expect them to have it all figured out as a teenager. Looking back, do you remember having these types of questions asked around your graduation? Try to step into their shoes for bit. They have as many or more questions about life as you do. Instead of being the fifth person that day to ask them, “What’s next?”, give them permission to be the one asking the questions


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