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The girl behind the stories May 12, 2009

Whoever you are, I like you already for stopping to read this!

This the section of the blog where people talk about themselves and I’m not particularly good at that.

So, here we go…

I was one of those people who were simultaneously psyched and so, so sad about graduating from a grad program. So now I am and hope to always be a study-er of people and their stories.

If I’m not learning, I’m not happy.

I’m a counselor. I always have been, but now I have some papers that say I’m legit.

My passion is to see the freedom of Christ liberating young women, especially those trapped in human trafficking.

I’m not a fighter, but I will put ’em up when it comes to injustice. And I’ve got the Creator and sustainer of the universe backing me, so look out!

I’m fully and absolutely addicted to coffee. It’s my vice, that and cookie dough ice cream.

One of my favorite things is listening to people tell their stories. This blog will reflect that as I share some of those stories with you.

Along the way, I’ll be learning about myself, about this world we’ve been given and, most importantly, I’ll be learning more about my Jesus.

So, there’s me. Now, let’s talk about you.


If you and I sat down in a coffee house somewhere we’d be in those comfy chairs away from most of the noise of people coming and going. We’d have some quick small talk (because I’m allergic to it) and then get into those thoughts that you rarely allow yourself to give words to.

After listening, I’d tell you that you matter. And it isn’t because of what you do.  All those things you are working so hard at doing just right?  They aren’t what make you valuable.  I’d tell you not to compare yourself with others – because you are already enough.  If you think there is always someone funnier, smarter, more attractive – I’d remind you that you are the culmination of His greatest work.  That’s right, you, an amazing creative work. I’d tell you about how comparing yourself (upwards or downwards) steals joy, it yanks it right out from under you.

I’d say to you, there are people all around you who need you.  They need you to be the you God created.  They need your kind word, your smile, your hard words, your friendship.  They need what you alone have been designed to offer.

I’d say let’s make a pact – you and me, let’s agree to live out the Truth.  Let’s not wish and try to be like someone else.  Let’s not hide what we have to give for fear.

I’d beg you to believe it all.  And I need you to remind me to believe it too.



One Response to “The girl behind the stories”

  1. Lisa Says:

    be careful. Thank you for my text messages letting me know where you are. I cannot wait to hear all about your trip. We continue to pray for your work while your their and your safe trip home.

    We love you,
    the bailey’s

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